News reporter trolled online for wardrobe selection

News reporter trolled online for wardrobe selection

Television newsreader wardrobes are a treasure trove of on-trend fashion items, sharp suits and thousands of differently patterned neckties. For the men, a different shade of dark suit still tends to be the norm and a tie is worn by even the most casual news services. For ladies, a formal suit, or a nice top with hair down and subtle makeup tends to be the key. Such attire lends credibility to the new service. Viewers believe that if the presenter is well-presented, then the source must be trustworthy.

As such, there are employees of the network that are custodians of the wardrobes. They keep records as to what was worn and when to ensure that the same item does not become tired. This did not stop Karl Stefanovic from wearing the same navy blue suit for more than a year! Due to the variety of women’s fashion, it is easier to notice when statement pieces are re-worn.

Australians are rejoicing this week after their favorite piece of attire returned to screens as part of another newscast. Many years ago a Channel 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling donned an emerald green jacket that got tongues wagging. In isolation, the piece was lovely, made of nice material and likely pretty expensive. But the price had nothing to do with what turned heads.

Viewers absolutely loved that the silhouette that was cast by the jacket’s neckline resembled a hefty set of male genitalia. As seen in the pictures, the peaked inward lapels form a crease just where the scrotal sack would join the base of the shaft and the plunging neckline draws the viewer’s’ eyes down the length of the phallus.

The piece resurfaced as part of the Channel 7 newscast, perhaps an innocent mistake by wardrobe, or perhaps a hat tip to penis jackets donned by women around the world.

Check out footage from the newscast on the player below