‘No Mas’: Opponent Quits After Michael ‘Venom’ Page Breaks His Face In 3 Places

‘No Mas’: Opponent Quits After Michael ‘Venom’ Page Breaks His Face In 3 Places

Michael “Venom” Page is a fighter’s fighter. His unique style of hands down kickboxing came about by influences from taekwondo, karate, and kung fu. This, along with his speed and ability to mix things up made him extremely hard to combat. He also used excessive histrionics while fighting to maintain focus, unnerve his opponents, and rile up the crowd. Whilst he has stepped away from Bellator and MMA in general whilst he fulfills a 3-and-a-half year boxing contract, we hope to see him back in the cage soon.

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One of his most epic finishes came at Bellator 200 back in May 2018 when he forced one of the hardest men in the sport to retire after he popped his eye socket, breaking his skull in three places! The matchup against David ‘The Caveman’ Rickels was keenly anticipated as the American crossed the pond to take on the local hero.

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The strike came as a result of a superbly flush counterpunch in the opening stages of round 2.
The two squared off without much action really happening, but plenty of movement. MVP engaged in his classic dart in and dart out moves making for interesting viewing and difficult defense work for Rickels.

Rickels tired of this and decided it was time to get some points on the board with an attempted kick that was countered nearly immediately after he lifted his leg. The speed with which Page was onto him is bordering on phenomenal. He advanced and stuck in a single awe-inspiring motion delivering a solid blow, accurately, to the eye.

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Blood immediately flowed and Rickels knew something was up. The crowd oo’d and ah’d at the club-like stroke and hectic aftermath. Rickels had blood flowing freely into his eye as he walked away from Page. He motioned to the referee that he did not want to continue, however the referee and commentators were confused until he made it clear that he did not want to continue.

Check out the amazing action here.