This Is One Of The Most Gangster Moments In UFC History

This Is One Of The Most Gangster Moments In UFC History

Brian Stann and Wanderlei Silva are two of the biggest names to ever grace the world of MMA. Stann, a former Marine, and Silva a through and through ‘feral’ Muay Thai fighter.

The two men came together in one of the most epically brutal encounters in Silva’s old stomping ground, Saitama, Japan in 2013.

From the word go, this fight was on.

The two fierce and aggressive fighters left nothing behind as they both went all out attack.

There were combos thrown simultaneously and defensive strategy little more than an afterthought for either man.

The heat in the cage was fixating for the crowd and TV audiences alike.

This fight was only going to end one way, but somehow, both men got through it alive.

Credit: Fight World

The best part of the manic fight came in the first round.

‘The Axe Murderer’ Silva walked menacingly towards Stann with his hands down, lats pulsating and a look in his eye that he was going to absolutely scramble him and enjoy the task.

Pausing briefly to beckon to the American, what followed was a powerful left, right combo that shattered through Stann’s defences.

It was a brutally baller move and one that has stuck in the minds of fans and been used for many promos to date.

Credit: Fight World

This would be the last time Stann would enter the cage as a fighter.

The former Marine hung up the gloves four months after losing the fight.

After his retirement, he became an analyst and commentator for Fox Sports and UFC.

A position he held until 2017 when he interestingly went off to be a real estate executive.

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Silva was given a lifetime ban by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for refusing to take drug tests and fines $70,000.

This decision was overturned 8 months later, allowing Silva to return to fighting and potentially coaching down the track. He would go on to have one more bout, some years later, at Bellator 180 against long-time rival Chael Sonnen.

Losing the fight by decision fans were still able to get a glimpse of the furious striking he was known for in his prime.

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