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This US School is arming its teachers with tiny baseball bats

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As we all know, multiple gun attacks have rocked US schools and colleges in recent years and congress has failed to pass a single sensible law to prevent it from happening again. As the powers that be continue to esch...

Reddit CEO Confirms Hate Speech NOT Against The Rules

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The fourth-largest website in the United States, Reddit has come under significant fire this week with allegations being levelled at the company of being socially negligent in the moderation of their forums. The comme...

Why is Zuckerberg dodging these questions?

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been big news recently – and rightly so. Facebook is a huge part of life in the 21st century. At the last count, it had some 2.2 billion active users and over a billion people acces...

AI software that helps doctors diagnose like specialists is approved by FDA

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In a wonderful technological advance, artificial intelligence has been trialled and tested in helping doctors diagnose tricky patient cases. Whilst we are a number of decades away from total automation, this is the fi...

Ronda Rousey dominates in electric debut match at Wrestlemania

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It took a few years, but WWE finally managed to sign Ronda Rousey to a contract to become a pro wrestler. After a month of sporadic appearances on Monday Night Raw, and a story about the McMahon family wanting payb...

Wing Chun Practitioner Decides To Step Into The Cage

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If there was ever a martial arts style that's been wholly and truly romanticized, it's Wing Chun. From the now popular Ip Man to the ever remembered Enter the Dragon, it's widely considered to be one of the most beaut...