Police Officer Kung Fu Kicked Into The Path of an Oncoming Bus

Police Officer Kung Fu Kicked Into The Path of an Oncoming Bus

Respect for authority is something that many parents complain is lacking in young people these days. It seems that the youth of the world do not care at all if what they are doing is wrong, when challenged, even by police, they will fight back without a moment’s hesitation. This disgusting behaviour has been condemned in the strongest possible terms by governments and most adults, but this seems to fall on deaf ears.

The clip below shows an incident that occurred in Wimbledon earlier this week when a car was pulled over. After being questioned, the police asked the occupants to exit the vehicle which is when things started to get nasty. That is also when the cameras started rolling.

Credit: Sky News

We see the pulled-over BMW and two police and two men entangled in a brawl behind the car. As the fight spills into view, we can clearly see one of the police has pepper spray out in an attempt to subdue the men. One of the men gets some distance from the fight and we think he may be departing the scene, but then he turns around and, taking a run up, leaps dramatically and kicks a the policewoman in the head!

Credit: Twitter

The policewoman is knocked onto the road and is narrowly missed by a bus as it flashes past. It is some time before passers by enter the frame to assist. As the footage progresses, the cameraman says: ‘They are all fighting… look, they’ve got him. She’s spraying them up. He’s hanging on to him! Look!

A Spokesperson for the police lamented the days when police were respected, saying:

‘Are we now in a society where, if we think we can’t detain somebody, we just let them go? It’s just not worth it.

‘We’re going to come to a point where we’re going to start pushing messages out to our colleagues: ‘Risk-assess it dynamically and, if you think you can’t detain a person, just let them go.’

‘We don’t come to work to get assaulted, and if we’re not going to be backed up in what we’re doing then what is the point?’

Credit: Twitter

Check out the dramatic footage here