UFC Fighter Takes On Crips Gang Members In Wild Street Fight

UFC Fighter Takes On Crips Gang Members In Wild Street Fight

For a professional MMA fighter, getting into street fights isn’t quite as fun as it might seem.

I mean sure, you can probably beat up 99 per cent of the population, but a professional mixed martial artist getting into a fight on their street is doing their job for free.

Worse still, any injuries sustained during a street a street brawl could affect your earning potential in sanctioned fights.

However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t deliver an ass kicking if it means protecting their friends.

Credit: MMAFighting

UFC lightweight Jared Gordon recently found himself embroiled in an altercation on the street after thugs attacked an acquaintance.

Gordon said of the incident:

As we’re walking back, my friend sees this kid that he used to teach jiu-jitsu to. […] So we start walking back towards the barbershop and they’re talking, I’m just drinking my coffee, minding my business.

I’d never met the kid in my life.

And those [other] two kids came out of nowhere, I guess they must’ve had some problems with him, and they attacked him. But I was just standing there watching.

In the video we see two men, apparently from the G Stone Crips gang, approach the guy in question and immediately start throwing hands.

Unfortunately for them, Gordon and his BJJ instructor friend are both quick to the guy’s defence.

In the ensuing chaos, Gordon and one of the gang members crash into a nearby window.

The shattered glass falls on both of them, as Gordon repeatedly lands knees from the clinch on the Crip.

The Jiu-Jitsu coach is also brought into the melee, as he wrestles with the other gang member.

Gordon continued:

When my friend jumped in and the kid kinda pushed my friend and was posturing like he was going to hit him, that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Of course we hit into the f*cking storefront window and it comes crashing down on me and cuts my hand wide open, my fingers.

Luck of the draw for me, as always. I got 21 stitches.

Interestingly, the kid that was actually targeted by the gang members, does not get involved in the action.

Though if you watch the footage carefully, he doesn’t leave empty handed.

As Gordon says:

He stepped back and then my friend throws the kid on the floor, and the kid’s phone who my friend was fighting falls out of his pocket, and the kid that we were sticking up for actually picks up the kid’s phone and runs away with it!

Moral of the story: it’s probably not a good idea to back a guy up who is gonna run away from the fight.


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