Pros React on Twitter To Conor and Khabib Mayhem At UFC229

Pros React on Twitter To Conor and Khabib Mayhem At UFC229

There was chaos in Las Vegas on Saturday night as an unprecedented series of post-fight brawls erupted.

The main event was hotly anticipated by millions around the world with Khabib wearing the outspoken Irish star down over 4 rounds to finally choke him out.

Nurmagomedov put weeks of trash talk and taunts to the back of his mind and was not rattled at all as he went about his business, letting his fighting do the talking. As usual, social media kept a great chronological tab of how things unfolded on the night.

Credit: The Australian

The tweets below started with anticipation of the biggest fight the UFC has seen for some time, then centred around support for Khabib or McGregor and speculation over the winner.

Opinions on who won which round were shared as well as widespread rules that McGregor was committing fouls during the fight. Finally, as the post-fight chaos erupted at T-Mobile Arena, the tweets turned to disbelief.

Check out some of the better ones here, and also the videos of the tap and resulting carnage at the bottom.