Referee Herb Dean Makes Worse Stoppage Than Ben Askren vs Robbie Lawler

Referee Herb Dean Makes Worse Stoppage Than Ben Askren vs Robbie Lawler

Referees in all types of fighting are charged with the safety of fighters as well as fairly adjudicating proceedings.

It is not an easy task and referees at the top level have often worked their way up from low-level fights to the big show over many years.

This experience is crucial as it allows referees to act on instinct if a fighter looks to be in trouble and wave off the fight before lasting damage is inflicted.

Fighters are trained to fight and not surrender until the referee intervenes so the responsibility on the ref’s shoulders is pretty huge.

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That being said, referees are also human and can make mistakes, especially in the heat of the moment.

With the crowd screaming, and the wrong angle, referees can easily be thrown off from their normal judgement and make calls that they wouldn’t on any other day. This is just what happened to one of the most experienced refs in the business, Herb Dean.

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Dean is one of the most experiences refs in the UFC, being involved with over 5700 fights. But when Sabah Homasi flopped in order to dodge an onslaught of strikes by Abdul Razak Alhassan at UFC 218, Dean went off half-cocked, waving the fight off and awarding it to Alhassan.

Dean must have been at the wrong angle, and when after a grazed shot, Homasi hit the deck, he concluded that it was the strike that had been responsible.

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But as soon as he had gone down, Homasi was back up on his feet, appealing to the referee and judges that the fight should not have been stopped.

It was all too late, though and Alhassan was awarded the fight amidst boos from the crowd. Recognising the mistake, the pair would rematch at UFC 219 where Alhassan would double down on his winning record by uppercutting the living sh*t out of Homasi.

Check out Herb’s blunder on the player below.