‘BJJ Black Belt’ Pranks Nate Diaz Then Quickly Realises He F*cked Up

‘BJJ Black Belt’ Pranks Nate Diaz Then Quickly Realises He F*cked Up

One thing we know about Nate Diaz is that he struggles with jokes.

The very serious American BJJ star once removed his shirt trying to pick a fight with a fellow contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 5 after he took offence to some clearly jocular graffiti on the wall of the house.

But even when confronted with a fictitious character, Diaz had his switched flipped.

Many have begun to wonder whether Diaz is socially competent enough to deal with life. One day he is going to pick on the wrong guy, surely!

Brazilian faux Jiu-Jitsu champion Renato Laranja is a viral legend.

The “27-time world Champion” is played by American actor and impressionist Rhasaan Orange, who was actually on Sesame Street as a kid. He is famous for giving real-life MMA fighters a hard time in relation to his fake prowess.

Laranja has been embraced by the community for providing a light-hearted spin on the world of BJJ.

Credit: Smack His Face

Whilst appearing in character at the World BJJ Expo, Diaz took offence to Laranja’s disparaging and downright hurtful remarks, getting right up in his grill, much to the delight of the onlooking crowd.

Whilst sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between real and fake, Diaz’s track record says that he meant business during the confrontation.

Credit: Smack His Face

Onlookers and managers were forced to intervene after Diaz shoved Laranja violently in the chest.

The UFC star was unwavering in his hateful gaze at the actor and it has been reported that he had no idea that Laranja was a fake alter-ego when he came across him. By the looks of the altercation, Diaz wanted to go on with things, taking them up a notch.

Credit: Smack His Face

Whilst the actor Rhasaan Orange is actually a Black belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in real life, it is hard to believe he could hold his own against a master such as Nate Diaz.

Check out the startling footage here.