Restaurant fight descends into real life WWE madness

Restaurant fight descends into real life WWE madness

It doesn’t happen all that often, but sometimes when you sit down to a quiet, succulent meal, it ends up in a full-on brawl.

Such is the nature of this video whereby one of the biggest brawls seen at this establishment was captured in shocking glory. It is nearly as funny as it is shocking as the fighters contend with spilt food, projectile chairs and general chaos.

The piece begins with two distinct groups engaging in a verbal stoush across a local Mexican restaurant. Two women are screaming at each other and one man who is seen to be holding his girlfriend back ends up copping the brunt of the initial attack.

It comes from a woman who propels herself from one group to the other to start things off. The escalation is swift as the two groups physically engage. The man who was holding his girlfriend back has his hat ripped off very early as he sets about breaking up the fighting women. There are several men opposing him who have a go at bringing him down throughout the clip.

As the video progresses we see a large area in the middle of the restaurant cleared of chairs and tables and littered with mini skirmishes. Men throw chairs from one side of the floor to the other. Women pull hair and squeal. Men slip on spilt food and sauce on the floor. It is just carnage from start to finish.

The fighters eventually make their way outside and the fight comes to a close. The cameraman, who has done a sterling job to stay out of the way of flying chairs and bodies has followed some of the men, one of whom is led outside to a Polaris Slingshot and driven away.

The police have been called and have arrived by the time the clip closes, but the violence has dissipated.

Have a look at the chaos for yourself on the player below.