Ronnie Pickering Got Starched Outside A Pub, Got Up Casually And Finished His Pint!

Ronnie Pickering Got Starched Outside A Pub, Got Up Casually And Finished His Pint!

If you don’t remember the name Ronnie Pickering, you must have been living under a rock! The 57-year-old went viral a couple of years ago when helmet-cam footage of the man exhibiting some very colourful road rage was shared on You Tube. In the footage, the man eludes to his bare-knuckle boxing past in an expletive-ridden tirade where he also exclaims that he is Ronnie Pickering multiple times. Since then, after apologizing for his outburst, Ronnie has done a lot of good for charity on the back of his notoriety and fame.

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But recently in his home town of Hull, a crazed fan / hater was keen to get in on the action with old Ronnie as he had a quiet Pint at the Wawne Ferry Pub. The clip below shows Ronnie minding his own business as a much younger lad, who has obviously seen the famous viral clips from 2015, is being held back by another lad. He yells “Fight me! Fight me one on one!”. But Ronnie has likely had his share of lads wanting to take him up on his fight-offer in the road rage video and just ignored it.

But the persistent lad breaks through and delivers a hefty blow to the side of Ronnie’s head. Ronnie’s not even ready for it and the punch fells the big man who strikes a table and a wall on the way down. We all know that these kinds of punches can result in some serious injury or death, so viewers found it amazing that Ronnie got straight back up.

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Even more amazing was the fact that the man known for an extremely hot temper did not even remonstrate with the lad, who was fleeing the scene. In an interview, Pickering said:

“I didn’t lose consciousness. You can see that in the video… I got up, I went back inside the pub.”

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Whilst condemning the behaviour of the young man who struck him, Ronnie wasn’t going to press assault charges, despite the blatant attack. “I am no grass. That’s just the way I was brought up,” he said.

Check out the footage of the punch here.