Rowdy Bec Rawlings Lights Up Opponent In Sanctioned Bare Knuckle Boxing

Rowdy Bec Rawlings Lights Up Opponent In Sanctioned Bare Knuckle Boxing

Bare-knuckle boxing was once the premier style of pugilism worldwide. Champions such as Jem Mace, Jack Broughton, and Tom Cribb excelled at the sport in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The sport evolved however, and the 1867 Queensberry rules defined laid down the code in which modern boxing is based on. Most importantly, it mandated the use of boxing gloves.

For a while after this, the two codes existed separately, but it soon became clear that gloved boxing was garnering more participants, and crucially, more money.

After losing her previous four MMA fights, Rowdy Bec decided to turn her attention to this sport. And she may well have found her home, referring to herself as the ‘Bareknuckle Queen’

The first world title fight between Tom Cribb and Tom Molineaux

For the more than 100 years that have since passed, bare-knuckle boxing was sent underground.

Now the sport was more associated with gypsy fighting than the large crowds it had once drawn.

However bare-knuckle boxing has undergone something of a resurgence in the last few years with several events being held under the ruleset in the UK.

Last night the first ever sanctioned event took place in the good ol’ U.S. of A, and it delivered.

One of the most exciting bouts of the night saw former UFC and Invicta flyweight Bec Rawlings make her bare-knuckle debut with a victory against Alma Garcia.

Rawlings lands a stiff jab on Garcia

Despite not having previously competed in the style, the MMA starlet displayed her skills to force her opponent to remain on her stool after the second round.

The bout began tentatively, with both fighters seemingly becoming accustomed the new rules-set. Rawlings began to find success towards the end of the first round, dropping her opponent.

Rawlings made good use of her MMA skills throughout, landing a number of hard shots while holding on to the back of Garcia’s head.

This allowed the Australian to repeatedly club her opponent with hard shots before Garcia failed to answer the bell.

Rawlings lands an uppercut from the clinch

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez was also in action in the main event, out-landing Lewis Rumsey on route to a five-round unanimous decision victory.

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