An MMA Fighter Stepped Into The Ring With Roy Jones Jnr

An MMA Fighter Stepped Into The Ring With Roy Jones Jnr

The UR Fight pay per view was one of the most ambitious concepts ever devised in the history of combat sports. The event contained a mixture of boxing, mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, and submission grappling. Despite going relatively under the radar, the event featured world champions from all the aforementioned disciplines. In an added twist to the already bizarre proceedings, the commentators for the event were UFC legend Jim Ross, partnered with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rampage Jackson.

In the featured pro wrestling bout, former WWE champions Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio engaged in a two out of three falls match. In the final fall, hip-hop artist Riff Raff interfered to hit Angle with a steel chair to give fan favourite Mysterio the win.

The event also saw Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping compete in a submission only grappling match. The pair had previously competed at UFC on Fox 2 back in 2012 with the winner earning a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship, in their MMA fight Sonnen got the win via unanimous decision, but in submission grappling, the pair fought to a draw.

The main event of the first, and as of yet only, UR Fight event was originally set to see boxing legend Roy Jones Jr face off with a particularly unlucky fan. After it became obvious that no athletic commission would sanction such a beating, Jones instead faced MMA fighter Vyron Phillps. Phillips had been promised $100,000 if he had defeated the multiple time world champion. Despite having enjoyed mixed success in the regional MMA scene Phillips found himself completely outclassed by Jones.

In the fight, Jones made easy work of his opponent. In the second round, he caught Phillips with a left hook, right-hand combination that sent his opponent crashing to the canvas forcing the referee to call an end to the fight. After taking a beating from Jones, Phillips never again stepped foot in the boxing ring.