Self Proclaimed ‘King Of Suburbs’ Gets Melted By Dude In Denny’s Parking Lot

Self Proclaimed ‘King Of Suburbs’ Gets Melted By Dude In Denny’s Parking Lot

Family restaurants are a source of joy for the whole family.

Affordable, delicious food in an inoffensive environment mean that families can enjoy a nice night out and roll out of there nice and full.

But after the families go home, such establishments play host to some pretty dark times out in the parking lot, as gangs of youths gather for group hangs often fuelled by underage drinking.

Group hangs have been around since caveman times.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

They give humans a chance to socialise, measure each other up and meet new people.

But also they give an opportunity for tensions between males to fester and reach boiling point. The video below shows what happens when the group hangs get out of control.

We see two boys who don’t look more than around 16 years old, squaring off against each other. They are obviously reaching the age where they have a lot of macho energy just waiting to be let out.

They also don’t have the mental maturity to be able to harness the rage and as such have gone past the point of no return.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

A kid in his dad’s red polo shirt is up against an Asian kid who seems a little more together.

A few swings are fired off and the Asian kid is definitely on top of things early, but the other kid is arrogant, leaving his hands down, asking to be hit.

Another guy in a black T-shirt enters in a bid to back up the kid in the red polo but he realises pretty quickly that he is out of his depth.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

The video climaxes with a superb left from the Asian kid that knocks out the kid in the red polo. The assembled crowd loses their minds as the kid slumps down in front of a car, completely listless. The fight seems to be continuing as the footage is cut.

Check it out below.