Son Confronts Dad Who Attacked His Mum, Also Tried To Drown Him as a Baby

Son Confronts Dad Who Attacked His Mum, Also Tried To Drown Him as a Baby

Despite great advancements in awareness and remedies, domestic violence is still a huge issue. The Australian government’s recent initiative describes violence against women in particular as a tattoo that never comes off. If you let your emotions get the better of you and hit your wife or kids, that’s a branding mark that will never come off. A lot of the time it’s a combination of alcohol and stress that leads men to take out their aggression on their family. The worst part about it is that kids will harbour the ill-effects of the violent outbursts into their adult years and often do the same to their own families as the precedent has been set.

Credit: Fightworld

The video below shows a father wanting to reunite with his son. It looks like it has been some time since the two made contact. The kid, named Zach, looks to be in his mid to late teens and is in no mood to associate or communicate civilly with the older man in the leather jacket. We are told that the older man is his estranged father who did terrible things to the kid and his mother some years ago. He allegedly tried to drown his son in the bathtub as a child. That is a pretty messed up allegation.

The two meet unexplainably on a roadside in what looks to be the middle of nowhere. There is obvious hostility between the two.

“Shake my hands, or you can do whatever you want,” says the kid.

“It ain’t gonna work like that,” says the father approaching the son. “Son, I’ve been trying to get hold of you,”

Credit: Fightworld

That’s all it takes. The son lets fly with a flying left hand which cannons into the older man’s jaw. As he falls, a right sends him crashing to the grass. Whilst he is down, the son kicks his dad in the face. This is before the son starts demanding money from his old man which seems a weird thing to request.

“You sit the f*ck down and let me take your wallet or it’s going to get a lot worse,”

“I’ll give you some money,” he agrees.
“You’re lucky you don’t get a lot worse,” says the son.

When the old man denies hitting his mum, the kid completely loses the plot.

“You didn’t hit my mum, and you didn’t try to drown me in the f*cking bathtub?” he screams. He instantly strikes his father with a killer blow that sends him crashing to the deck, out cold.

The cameraman suggests they leave and the footage stops.

Credit: Fightworld

See it unfold below.