That Time Kimbo Slice Had No Choice But To Beat The Brakes Off Ken Shamrock

That Time Kimbo Slice Had No Choice But To Beat The Brakes Off Ken Shamrock

Kimbo Slice was one of the most revered street brawlers in history.

The man shot to fame on the underground fighting scene in the early 2000s leading Rolling Stone magazine to dub him ‘King of the Street Brawlers’.

He began training MMA in 2005 and debuted in the Cage Fury Fighting Championships in 2005.

Sadly Kimbo died of heart failure in 2016, his son Kevin Ferguson Jr, carrying on his father’s legacy with a budding MMA career.

One of the rivalries that started was between veteran trailblazing MMA king Ken Shamrock and Ferguson.

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Shamrock wanted to show that seasoned, trained professionals could easily account for the street-style that Kimbo was carrying one with, in the cage.

The pair was due to meet On October 4, 2008, as part of CBS’ Saturday Night Fights.

But, Shamrock received a cut to the left eye during a warm-up only hours before the fight was to take place.

It wasn’t until Bellator 138, some 7 years later that they would finally meet.

Shamrock was well past his prime, being 50-years-old when the fight took place.

But still felt he had the wood over Kimbo. Shamrock (38-17-2) was known as an elite grappler, whereas Kimbo was more of a boxer, holding a 6-0 boxing record and 5-2-1 in MMA.

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The fight was all action from the get-go.

Shamrock made an early takedown count, bringing Slice to the canvas and getting him in a choke.

Fans were nearly incredibly disappointed by such a quick finish to such an epic build up.

But Slice, who had beaten Tank Abbott and James Thompson in the lead up kept his neck tight and was able to break free from the clutches.

Returning his their feet, the fights squared off again.

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Things turned to striking and Slice’s relative youth shone through.

An obviously gassed Shamrock was unable to defend against Kimbo’s immense power.

He copped a barrage of strikes to the head, one particular blow knocking him down completely dazed.

The ref did not want to see the ageing star beating to a pulp, realising the fight was over and waving things off.

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