That Time Nate Diaz Beat The Daylights Out of a High Level Pro Boxer

That Time Nate Diaz Beat The Daylights Out of a High Level Pro Boxer

Nate Diaz is a polarising individual. The American MMA star was due to return to the UFC at UFC 230 in November, however, with opponent Dustin Poirier pulling out with an “undisclosed” injury, he is being left hanging with no one taking up the offer as yet.

The star has not been seen in the cage since his loss to Conor McGregor in 2016, prompting calls for a third matchup between the pair on short notice.

The other fighter being pushed to take on the vacant Diaz spot is Tony Ferguson who, again would be fighting on short notice after a bloody affair at UFC 229 in the co-main event.

Both McGregor and Ferguson are acclaimed strikers, with Diaz being known as a BJJ practitioner.

But Diaz is not a one-dimensional fighter.

Despite preferring to take things to the ground, his striking game is one to be reckoned with.

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This is seen in a trip down memory lane to UFC 118.

A young and plucky 23-year-old Diaz was on the rise and had already taken down Melvin Guillard and Rory Markham in his 17 bout start.

But he was running on some bad form, losing 3 of his last 5 fights.

It was then that he answered the call to take on accomplished boxer Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis.

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Davis was already an accomplished boxer before joining the MMS fraternity.

Boasting an impressive 17-1-2 record in the ring, it wasn’t until his final bout in 2000 that Davis, then 27 years old, changed career in pursuit of another challenge.

Being the pride of the North-east, Davis brought with him a huge following to the UFC, and the fight with Diaz being staged in Boston meant that Diaz would have an extra weapon to defend.

Credit: Fighting Nations

The welterweight contest was a bloody affair with the two trading strikes throughout the first and second round.

Diaz was right at home using his far superior reach to his advantage.

A huge haematoma formed around Marcus’ right eye which not only looked gruesome but also tired the local significantly, allowing Diaz to finish him by Guillotine Choke in round 3.

Check out highlights of the Fight of the Night on the player below.