That time when Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards tried to start a fight with Conor McGregor

That time when Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards tried to start a fight with Conor McGregor

In order to protect a guy with the money and the status of a Floyd Mayweather you’re gonna have to be pretty capable yourself. I mean, they don’t call him ‘Money’ for nothing, so providing his personal protection is likely to come with a nice paycheck. During the epic McGregor vs. Mayweather press tour conducted last year, two of Floyd’s security team were prominently featured, often on the receiving end of a verbal tirade from McGregor. 

In fairness to McGregor, the two do kinda look like your stereotypical ‘gym bros’ you might see featured on an episode of Jersey Shore. I mean, the haircuts and purely aesthetic large muscles are a dead giveaway…

One of the more memorable moments from Mayweather’s time on the mic during the press conferences was when at the Brooklyn event, getting his team to “Form Voltron” a reference to the American animated series Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

On Floyd’s command, his team completely encircled and surrounded the seated McGregor, who, to his credit, appeared completely unfazed throughout the whole situation. New footage released as part of the documentary series looking back on the ‘money fight’ shows the bizarre act from Dana White’s perspective.

After his team surround McGregor, Mayweather gleefully skips away towards the crowd to bellow out some more totally-not-obnoxious “yeaaaaah” chants.

While Floyd would win the war in the ring, Conor certainly came out the better in the battle with the security. At the final press conference in London, McGregor verbally destroyed the pair and Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza to the delight of the crowd.

In retrospect, the prospect of a fight emerging from the incident would actually be pretty hilarious. While McGregor’s team didn’t boast the same number of intimidating-looking guys, they instead consisted of a group of highly trained fighters, that would’ve in all likelihood wiped the floor with Floyd’s meatheads.

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