The Time Mike Tyson ‘Tried’ To Punk Floyd Mayweather & Epicly Failed

The Time Mike Tyson ‘Tried’ To Punk Floyd Mayweather & Epicly Failed

One of the things that makes humans human is our innate ‘fight or flight’ response. Also known as our acute stress response, it is this reaction that causes us to run from terrorism or to jump when someone blows an air horn in our ear whilst watching TV.

Truly it is this response that allowed early humans to get away from danger and survive. Some people, however, have a remarkable ability to withstand situations that most of us would run from. One such human is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

His ability was on display in 2014 at a WBC awards ceremony honouring past and present greats and supporters of the sport.

As the compare announces names onto the stage to receive their awards, Tyson walks across the stage to Mayweather and feigns a strong right hook that stops agonisingly close to Mayweather’s chin.

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Giving Iron Mike’s considerable size and strength advantage over Mayweather, should he have connected, he could have knocked him out cold.

But despite the proximity of the bluffed strike, Mayweather does not even flinch. With Tyson probably double his size, it’s definitely a credit to him for not even blinking.

Love him or hate him, there are very few men in the world that would not flinch if the big man was coming for ya.

He Instead flashed a smile, as does Tyson before embracing.

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Many pundits on social media have marvelled at his stone-faced response, saying that given Mike Tyson’s history of temperamental behaviour, they’re not sure they would have taken the feigned strike so calmly.

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Tyson is left looking a little bit foolish by the jibe, even though it was thrown purely in jest as many on stage and in the audience were able to plainly see.

Tyson went on to make a rambling speech at the event during which Mayweather and many others on stage talked the whole way through.

I’m sure there were at least some good memes that came from the speech, not that his lisp is funny or anything..

Check out the footage on the player below.

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