The First Official Promo Video For Floyd Mayweather’s MMA Debut Is Just Bizarre

The First Official Promo Video For Floyd Mayweather’s MMA Debut Is Just Bizarre

Yesterday’s startling revelations that Floyd Mayweather is off chasing the money in Japan sent waves through the boxing and MMA communities.

It is still unknown if the 41-year-old will crossover into MMA or whether his opponent, the undefeated Tenshin Nasukawa, with fight strictly to boxing rules.

Such is the beauty of Rizin’s flexibility, that there may even be a hybrid fight of sorts. We will have to wait and see.

Despite his junior years, Nasukawa is undefeated in both kickboxing (41-0) and has also had an unbeaten 4-0 run in MMA in the Rizin Federation.

A 99-5 amateur, Nasukawa rose to fame by knocking off some big names in former IBF Boxing World champion Amnat Ruenroeng and MuayThai Champion Wanchalong.

Signing with Rizin, Nasukawa has made a flawless transition to MMA and picked up a huge following as a result.

Credit: MMA Junkie

Mayweather needs no introduction.

A 50-0, multi-division title holder, Mayweather has never made the transition to MMA despite a multitude of calls.

He is comfortable in the ring and his defensive style has been seen as unfit for the aggression and variability shown in the cage.

It is unclear whether Floyd will box or slip into another form of fighting as the rules for the matchup with Nasukawa have not yet been decided.

Credit: MMA Junkie

Mayweather is licking his chops at the globalisation opportunity that this fight represents the start of for his company Mayweather Promotions.

Speaking at the Rizin 14 press conference yesterday, Mayweather was not shy about his aspirations:

“I would love to continue to work with RIZIN because RIZIN is an unbelievable company, and my company, we’ve been making some huge fights happen in the US, but we look forward to taking the Mayweather Promotions banner and the TMT banner worldwide.

And if it takes working with a great guy like this, there’s no problem.”

Credit: MMA Mania

In the wake of the press conference, a promotional trailer for Rizin 14 has been released.

It is a little bizarre to see such a big western star in the typical Japanesadvertisementetisement.

We are so used to Floyd being portrayed in a particular way, to see his airbrushed bust superimposed over a zooming Tokyo cityscape is quite dislocating.

Check out the video here.