The Internet is Losing Their Mind Over Brock Lesnar’s Teeth

The Internet is Losing Their Mind Over Brock Lesnar’s Teeth

Big Brock Lesnar is an absolute mammoth of a human with gargantuan strength and a mean-ass attitude to match.

The WWE and UFC star balances his lifestyle between the real and fake forms of combat and has achieved success at both on account of his huge size and fierce style.

But he has been in the news for a different reason this week, Lesnar’s dental hygiene being called into question after photos were placed under harsh scrutiny by the interweb.

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The shoddy state of the superstar’s pegs was brought to the world’s attention by JustbleedMMA on Twitter accompanied by the caption: ‘All of these big money paydays and Brock Lesnar has teeth like MarroBone dog treats.’

Big lols have been had around the world with multiple agencies running with the unimaginable images.

Trypophobics around the world need to look away from these photos because it is actually their worst nightmare!

His teeth actually look like they have been sawn off and their roots exposed to the elements.

JustbleedMMA was right on the money when he pointed out that someone of his financial calibre should really look at getting some major orthodontic work to fix the disgusting nub-teeth.

One can only think the Lesnar is holding out for retirement in case he gets the expensive work knocked out of his face during a fight.

Perhaps if he reverts to the WWE alone he may get his chompers attended to, but while he still has a shot in the UFC, he is probably best putting it off.

Lesnar has a date with Daniel Cormier in the octagon after the dual-title holder called him out in the aftermath of his pummelling of Stipe Miocic.

Lesnar, infamously entered the cage and shoved Cormier before calling Miocic and Ngannou pieces of shi*t. The incident is widely earmarked as being staged for entertainment, drawing wide resentment and criticism from fighting purists.

Check out the dentists’ nightmare below.

Credit: MMA Imports

Credit: MMA Imports