The Moment Joe Rogan & Dana White Knew Conor McGregor Was The Next Star

The Moment Joe Rogan & Dana White Knew Conor McGregor Was The Next Star

There was a time, before all the trash talk, before the private whiskey label, before all the flair and showmanship, when Conor McGregor was a down-to-earth human being.

The superstar, now on top of the world was once upon a time, a more humble and softly spoken man.

A hard-working, dedicated and focused unit, it is this version of McGregor that shot him to superstardom and gave him the life he has today.

But how exactly did McGregor make it into the UFC?


Well before hitting the top of the top level back in 2013, McGregor fought in the European-based Cage Warrior circuit.

His three-year stint in Cage Warrior saw him climb into the frame for a UFC berth.

Dana White and Joe Rogan both took notice of the 25-year-old Irishman who was already a dual-division champion and getting stronger by the fight.

Credit: Combatland

Having fought and defeated Dave Hill to take out the Featherweight Cage Warriors title, McGregor stacked on the pounds to take to the cage once again for the Lightweight title.

The next fight was merely 6 months from his Lightweight title fight and involved some of the toughest training the Irishman had ever undertaken.

But he was ready and in a lead-up interview before his showdown with Ivan Buchinger he was already foreseeing a ‘twin’ belt on his shoulder.

Credit: Combatland

If he was seen to make light work of Dave Hill, he made even lighter work of the Lightweight champ, dislodging Buchinger with a severe knockout leaving the Russian with his lights out and in a bad way.

McGregor’s flair and superior skill saw him duck an on target hook to deliver a supreme counterpunch to win the fight, no ground and pound required.

This was the moment the world took notice and 4 months later, McGregor had his UFC debut (which he won with a first round KO).

Check out his interview and the prime knockout here.