One of The Most Gangster Moments In MMA: ‘MVP’ Crushes Cyborg’s Skull

One of The Most Gangster Moments In MMA: ‘MVP’ Crushes Cyborg’s Skull

Michael “Venom” Page is a fighter’s fighter. His unique style of hands down kickboxing came about by influences from taekwondo, karate, and kung fu.

This, along with his speed and ability to mix things up made him extremely hard to combat. He also used excessive histrionics while fighting to maintain focus, unnerve his opponents, and rile up the crowd.

Whilst he has stepped away from Bellator and MMA in general whilst he fulfils a 3-and-a-half year boxing contract, we hope to see him back in the cage soon.

One of the most amazing victories of MVP’s came at Bellator 158. He matched up against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos in a welterweight bout that would shock the crowd in its brutality.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

The Undefeated Page was fighting in his home nation and hometown of London as Bellator crossed the Atlantic for the second time. A heavily pro-Page crowd were about to witness an amazing finish.

After an even first round, Page went into his classic histrionic, baiting Santos to leave his defensive position by leaning his head in.

An expert dodge and unbelievable counter-knee had to be seen to be believed.

Page used Santo’s considerable momentum to drive his knee into the middle of his head, knocking him to the canvas but not knocking him out.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

The strike echoed around the arena and the referee intervened immediately waving thing off.

Cyborg was in a lot of trouble, clutching his skull and writhing in pain as he was swarmed by medical staff and his team.

Page scaled the cage to grab a Pokemon cap and Pokeball, rolling it toward the Brazilian in what would become a viral celebration.

Santos later had to have surgery to repair a depressed frontal sinus fracture. He posted some pretty brutal snaps from the hospital.

Credit: Raw Entertainment

Relive the amazing knee here.