The Shocking Moment Amed SK Footballer Attacked Sakaryaspor Player Before The Match

The Shocking Moment Amed SK Footballer Attacked Sakaryaspor Player Before The Match

Despite being one of the gentler games available for humans to play, football, or soccer as it is known around the world evokes a great deal of passion from its gigantic supporter base. Nicknamed ‘The World Game’ for its far-reaching popularity, to parents, soccer is a great, safe choice for parents who don’t want their children to be hurt playing a more harshly contact sport. But unfortunately, whilst players go a lot harder at the ball, at the top level, players have been known to employ a lot of dirty tactics, but this story takes the cake as one of the filthiest!

Credit: aHaber

Local rivalry between Turkish teams Amed SK and Sakaryaspor has seen some great battles over the years between the second-tier TFF teams. This has led to a great deal of heated passion between fans and players alike. But one man from Amed SK took things a million times too far by allegedly carrying a ‘sharp object’ onto the field and using it to cut a Sakaryaspor player before the match.

According to the story, Mansur Çalar barely concealed ‘razor blade’ in his hands as the teams lined up for the national anthem. The somewhat grainy clip below shows him fondling something in his hands which he then apparently has between his fingers as he goes for Sakaryaspor player, Ferhat Yazgan’s neck and throat. The clip also shows Çalar poking a player in the rear-end.

Credit: TRT Sport

The victim Yazgan took to Instagram to document the damage done by the attack and reports have drawn shock and dismay from the wider football community. It is seen as unfathomable that a 33-year-old player with such experience would stoop so low. Yazgan’s initial post read:

“These football players who put [sic] the field, TFF, I hope you’ll see them”

Credit: Instagram

Check out the crazy attack on the player below.