The Size Discrepancy Between ‘The Mountain’ & New GF Is Outrageous

The Size Discrepancy Between ‘The Mountain’ & New GF Is Outrageous

One of the best and most underutilized characters in the entire Game of Thrones series is Ser Gregor Clegane. Known affectionately as ‘The Mountain’ the man-giant is known for his outrageously hot temper, his almighty power and his total lack of tact.

But the man behind the character, Icelandic native, Hafþór Julius Björnsson seems to be more of a gentle giant.

At 6 foot 9 inches tall, Björnsson has been a professional basketballer, and also one of the strongest men in the world. If you’re looking to go mano e mano against the bloke, these are some of the numbers you’ll have to pull and push in the gym.

Squat – 440 kg (970 lb) raw
Bench press – 230 kg (507 lb) raw
Tire deadlift – 460 kg (1,014 lb) raw with wrist straps
Deadlift – 472 kg (1,041 lb) Elephant bar
Log press – 213 kg (470 lb) (Europe’s Strongest Man 2018)
Log carry – [5 steps] 650 kg (1,433 lb)
Keg toss – 7.15 m (23 ft)

But Björnsson’s life outside the gym and acting is largely taken up by affection for his girlfriend, Kelsey.

The pair makes a stark contrast to one another with his huge body dwarfing her petite 5;2” frame. The pair met at a bar in Alberta, Canada, when she asked to take a picture with him.

Kelsey Henson has some 26.7 thousand Instagram followers and at times they tend to ask some of the more awkward questions.

She is happy to answer some but generally not others!

One fan boldly asked:

“How do you kiss? Do you jump in his arms every time and wrap your legs around his waist? Please post a picture of this impressive action”.

She said,”ahha he bends, I tip toe. Or just say screw it, pick me up!”

Well, that’s good to know. Whilst it’s not the question on most of our lips, it is obviously their business! We will have to continue to use our imaginations for now.