The Time Conor McGregor Had A Crack At The Record On A Boxing Machine

The Time Conor McGregor Had A Crack At The Record On A Boxing Machine

Everyone loves an arcade. Remember when you were young and you’d rack all Mum’s coins and hit up the local shopping mall’s arcade? Well, as adults, now we are more into gambling and casinos because there’s a slim chance we will make some money back, but as kids, all we wanted to do was have a bit of fun and take some sick corners on Daytona!

As we get older. Some of the more popular arcade games seem to involve feats of strength rather than tactical ability or zombie-shooting prowess. So it is not uncommon to see hoards of young men surrounding the hardest punch machine that is often gathering dust in the corner somewhere.

These machines usually reek of sweat as big burly, perspiring men line up to have a crack at breaking the record. A boxing speed ball hangs limply, usually severely deflated, waiting to have the sh*t struck out of it by a wannabe tough guy.

Credit: Daily Express

The machines measure force, in newtons which are then translated into a numerical value and displayed as the puncher’s score. But the player required precision as well as force, as the receptor is pretty small, and an off-target strike results in a poor reading.

Credit: MMA Fighting

Now a man known for his strength and precision is Conor McGregor. The Irish UFC and the once-potential boxer is known for finishing opponents by striking rather than grappling. So who better to break a record than this man? On a night out with coach John Kavanagh, Conor spotted the vacant old machine showing a 930 record score. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Conor never doubted his ability to smash the record.

Credit: USA Today

Taking a huge wind up, gathering momentum with a short run-up, Conor lets out a trademark power-grunt as he lets fly. The numbers climb. And climb… and climb.

Check out the result below!