This Boxing Match Is Being Called The Most Gangster Fight Of 2018

This Boxing Match Is Being Called The Most Gangster Fight Of 2018

Alex Saucedo chalked up the 28th win of his pro boxing career with a 7th round win over Leonardo Zappavigna. The 24-year-old American managed to make his older opponent succumb during the bloody affair with Zappavigna’s corner throwing in the towel to prevent further damage to their fighter. Aussie Zappavigna was after his 38th win in the lead up to the bout at Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, however, it was not to be. The fight was one of the most entertaining of the year with both fighters giving as good as they got.

The slugfest opened somewhat tentatively compared with later rounds with neither fighter really gaining the upper hand.

Credit: Muay Thai Authority

But it was the third round when things started to kick off. A superb combination from Saucedo dropped Zappa to the canvas much to the delight of his home crowd. The veteran Aussie didn’t stay down for long though, bouncing back to unleash his own pain on the American and eventually even finish the round on top.

Many are calling the fourth ‘Round of the Year’ with an absolutely epic flurry from Zappavigna unlucky not to knock out the 24-year-old Saucedo. During the replays, it is plain to see that over half the strikes in the barrage connected flush sending his head bouncing around like a pinball. Somehow though, he was able to survive and escape the flurry and regain his composure. It was during this exchange that Saucedo was cut over his right eye.

But Saucedo was able to return the favour, opening up Zappvigno’s eye, an injury that would dog the Australian for the rest of the fight. Saucedo honed in on the wound, focusing his power punches in the same spot leading to serious damage.

The injury would lead Zappavigna’s corner to throw in the towel. Despite his valiant attempt to fight on, there was no way he could win from that position. The bloody affair saw nearly 1050 punches thrown between the two from which Saucedo landed a high percentage of power punches.

“I hurt him but my cuts were really bad,” Zappavigna explained post-fight. “I had blood in my eyes. No excuses. The kid is a warrior. I hope he becomes world champion. I did my best. Now I’ll go home. I have to think about things. We’ll see what the future holds. The cuts are an issue.”

Check out these brutal images of Zappavigna’s injuries sustained during the encounter.

“This is just the beginning of bigger things,” said Saucedo ominously after the fight.

Highlights of the fight are viewable on the player below.

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