This is the Moment Fans Realized Conor McGregor Has Zero Chance vs Khabib

This is the Moment Fans Realized Conor McGregor Has Zero Chance vs Khabib

Already, the UFC229 match up between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor is being touted as the biggest in history.

The Irishman’s foray into the boxing world was lucrative but short-lived.

However, his absence from the cage meant he was stripped of his lightweight title which in a twist of fate was won by none other than

Now McGregor has his chance to win back his title.

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The ‘who wins’ debate is already raging. On the one hand, the Russian, Nurmagomedov is undefeated in 26 professional fights.

A takedown and submission artist, Khabib has a different style to Conor’s striking approach.

With McGregor’s defence coming into question many believe the Russian can take this one with ease.

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It is also believed that if McGregor can land a blow early on in the fight, that this could rattle the Russian fighter and be over soon after that.

Here is what the Irishman’s striking coach had to say:

“I think Conor lands on the chin and puts him to sleep.

I always give his opponent the benefit of the doubt because some people are tough and can take some more shots than others.

Once he lands on the chin, you will all see it on Khabib’s face. Once he lands it’ll be lights out immediately or shortly after.

He added: “I’m expecting a KO, most definitely. Whether it’s the first or the second, I don’t know. But I will predict that he’s going to flatten him.”

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But again, Conor will have to overcome some devastating takedowns And the Russian has vowed to ‘change his face’. Don’t believe him?

Conor is known for his fast twitch style, which gives him explosive power during the early stages of the fight.

But as shown during his five rounder with big Nate Diaz, the fast twitch knock out style can begin to fade, and you no longer posses the power to knock someone out with one single hit.

Check out what Khabib did to Edson Barboza at UFC 219.

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