Tornado Spinning-Back ‘Hellbow’ Has To Be Named Best Knockout Of Year

Tornado Spinning-Back ‘Hellbow’ Has To Be Named Best Knockout Of Year

While the MMA world revelled in the afterglow of an action-packed UFC 230, there was even more carnage going on in South Africa.

The 75th instalment of Extreme Fighting Championship will go down in history thanks to one very special knockout that needs to be seen to be believed.

Rising star Mzwandile Hlongwa delivered an all-time great elbow that spun opponent Torbjorn Madsen’s head nearly 180 degrees.

The reaction from the crowd and commentators was priceless.

Hlongwa goes by the nickname “Shakebone”, but in this case it was ‘shake skull’.

The first and only round started pretty uneventfully with the two fighters feeling things out and getting an idea of their reach and rhythm.

But around a minute in, the fight was disrupted by an absolutely epic combo that left Madsen hospitalised.

Credit: The Sportsman

A quick left-right saw Madsen on the back foot, allowing Hlongwa to pivot-step inside, violently spinning and executing a perfectly timed and placed elbow, right on the jaw of the Norwegian.

The sound of the flush strike echoed over the crowd noise and Madsen’s eyes rolled back before he fell to the deck in slow motion.

Credit: La Sueur

The crowd went bananas for their local hero as he gave more strikes on the way down.

The referee was quick to swoop in to prevent further unnecessary damage.

The slick combo was unlike anything the commentators had seen in recent times with a reaction beyond belief:

“oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! What just happened!? One-Two! That was a massive shot. He set it up with a punch and he fell down like a piece of lumber.”


Madsen came around on the canvas but was taken to hospital to have a scan.

Even a concussed Madsen was gracious in defeat.

He spoke to reporters saying:

“I’m in the ambulance now. I’m going to a check in the hospital. Everything is fine. This can happen, it’s fun. Well done by him.”

Hlongwa has now won his last four fights.

The victory snapped a 5-win streak for Madsen.

Check out the brutal finish here.