This US School is arming its teachers with tiny baseball bats

This US School is arming its teachers with tiny baseball bats

As we all know, multiple gun attacks have rocked US schools and colleges in recent years and congress has failed to pass a single sensible law to prevent it from happening again. As the powers that be continue to eschew common sense when it comes to the ease with which you can get high-powered weaponry in the States, schools are resorting to their own devices.

A teacher with one of the baseball bats. Credit: Erie News Now

So much has been said about the farcical nature of US gun laws, that there is seriously no point analysing any of that here. Nope, why we’re here today is to have a look at the cute way the Millcreek District School in Pennsylvania is choosing to ‘arm’ its teachers.

Little bitty baseball bats. The logic behind this is probably somewhat questionable, but Millcreek’s Superintendent, William Hall, told local news outlet, Erie News Now, that the bats were, ‘a last resort.’

Maybe the plan is to get the shooters laughing? Credit: WOWKTV

There are five-hundred teachers at the school and they will all be issued with one in the hope of making a ‘symbolic’ gesture that should deter armed maniacs from attacking the school. The bats are about sixteen inches (forty centimetres) long and they don’t really look dangerous enough to do much more than knock a paper ball out of the park, but who knows?

The simple reality though is that this shows how woeful the debacle has become. Yes, passing new gun laws in the US would be a complicated issue, but as a struggle, it would undoubtedly be worth it.

The reality is not funny at all. Credit: Statista

Some reports say that by the end of March there had already been seventeen school shootings in the US. That doesn’t take into account the many more murders and injuries that happen outside of schools.

At this stage, it’s not good enough to say more needs to be done to prevent this. Something needs to be done to prevent this. The reality of a school arming its teachers with little bitty baseball bats is that it’s not funny. It’s terribly, terribly sad.

Until, that is, the day we see viral footage of a teacher wielding one of those baseball clubs with the savagery that the punisher wields a sledgehammer and using it to give a lone shooter a serious beating. Maybe then it’ll be funny.

Students who walked out of their Montgomery County, Maryland, schools protest against gun violence in front of the White House in Washington, U.S., February 21, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque – RC164B322F90

But it probably won’t because you’ll remember that not all the schools have the baseball bats.

Gun laws, America. Figure out some new ones.

H/T: Vice.