TV Reporter Fails To Let Go Of Ronda Rousey During Live Choke Demonstration

TV Reporter Fails To Let Go Of Ronda Rousey During Live Choke Demonstration

Let’s take a trip back in time to 2018 when in the lead up to UFC 193, Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey agreed to an interview with notorious Aussie TV program A Current Affair.

Known for balancing powerful, hard-hitting exposes and light-hearted ‘fluff’ pieces, the show didn’t fail in pulling off the latter on this occasion.

The producers had decided to award the gig to a largely clueless reporter on the story and the results were as painful as they were nearly disastrous for the protagonist.

After giving the usual rundown of training regimes, special manoeuvres and tips interwoven with shameless self-promotion, Rousey broke the mould by allowing some one-on-one ‘training’ with the reporter.

Credit: Live Leak

Many viewers thought Rousey may have sensed she was dealing with an amateur when the reporter asked if she should get changed out of her reporting attire for the throwdown.

After running through a few manoeuvres, Rousey runs through the technique of a simple choke hold. Amazingly, she then allows herself to be the recipient of the same, administered by the reporter.

Generally, the journalist would not pose a huge threat… unless she didn’t know one basic thing.

Credit: Live Leak

Rousey somewhat calmly admonishes the reporter whilst still in the hold, saying “You stop when the other person taps”. The reporter responds by asking her “Can you please tap?” to which Rousey patiently replies “I tapped”.

The reporter, who was oblivious to the situation prior releases her grip and Rousey lives to fight another day.

Credit: Live Leak

“I know I’m gonna win, but I don’t know how,” says Rousey, emphatically, at the end of the fluff piece.

Her self-believe was famously not enough to get her over the line in the octagon at UFC 193 though with the superstar being on the receiving end of “by far the biggest upset in UFC history.” as Joe Rogan put it.

She was soundly beaten by Holly Holm in the second round, being knocked out by a savage head kick and follow-up punches in her Bantamweight title loss.

Check out the painful footage from her interview below and hope she doesn’t judge all Aussies on this encounter alone.

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