Gangster Rapper T.I Officially Challenges Floyd Mayweather To Boxing Match

Gangster Rapper T.I Officially Challenges Floyd Mayweather To Boxing Match

Love him or hate him, it’s fair to say that Floyd Mayweather is a pretty divisive figure.  Throughout his undefeated 50 fight professional boxing career, Floyd often made no attempt to befriend his opponents and made his fair share of enemies in the ring.

However, Money Mayweather also hasn’t always endeared himself to celebrities outside the ring.

His on-and-off friendship with rapper 50 Cent has often seen the pair at odds, producing some of the most hilarious insults of all time.

I mean, who could forget when 50 played on Floyd’s alleged illiteracy by challenging him to read one page out of a Harry Potter book for charity.

However, Mayweather’s latest feud with a famous rapper has proven to be a lot less lighthearted.

Mayweather first drew the ire of rapper T.I. back in 2016, when rumours began to emerge that Floyd had slept with T.I.’s longtime girlfriend Tiny.

However, the beef appears to have reignited as T.I. teased the release of a diss track about Floyd on his Instagram account.

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The cover of the track shows a mockup of Floyd wearing the Gucci sweater that was recently the centre of a controversy storm, with allegations levied that the sweater is representing the racist practice of blackface.

The reason T.I. associated the sweater with Floyd is because the boxer has continued to wear the brand despite some in the black community calling for a boycott against Gucci products.

Floyd took to Instagram to explain why he believes that the boycott would fail to serve its intended purpose and alleging that: “People boycott for trend but turn around and still shop at H&M and watch the NFL.”

Seemingly not content with just using his music as a means of calling out Mayweather, T.I. took to Facebook to share pictures of him training with the following caption:

Who Ready To See Me Beat This Nigga Floyd Mayweather Ass In The Boxing RING ??? We Gotta Make This FIGHT Happen For The People I Wanna Knock This Nigga OUT 💪👊

Ultimately, T.I. is probably best served to stick to the music. I mean, we all saw what happened the last time Floyd fought someone without pro boxing experience.