That Time Conor McGregor Almost Knocked Out Cody Garbrandt Backstage

That Time Conor McGregor Almost Knocked Out Cody Garbrandt Backstage

We know Conor McGregor is a passionate man.

Any decent fan of the Irishman knows that loyalty is a quality that he is particularly passionate about. Hell, the man has had the same coach for over ten years and those in his entourage are essential fixtures for life.

This was on display back in 2015 when McGregor was a head Coach of his namesake team on the 22nd instalment of The Ultimate Fighter. The Notorious nearly came to blows with Cody Garbrandt as the teams met for a photo opportunity during the series.

It all started when McGregor came in to join the full group. He looked cool AF in sunglasses and a green tie, a look that only someone with the considerable swag that Conor possesses could pull off successfully.

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He confronted his opposition head coach, Urijah Faber, about the loyalty, or lack thereof, shown by TJ Dillashaw. McGregor states that TJ is simply appearing on the show to better his own interests.

He goes on to accurately predict TJ’s apparent departure from Team Alpha Male, some months later.

He calls out Dillashaw for his alliances and obvious desire to leave Team Alpha Male to fight under Duane Ludwig in Colorado.

He refers to him as a ‘snake in the grass’, sneaky and disloyal. When one of Faber’s team members tried to arc up, Conor invited them to do something about it, an invitation that Cody Garbrandt could not wait to accept.

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Rising and swiftly shoving McGregor in the chest, Garbrandt incited an incident that got the entire group involved. The knowledge that even in a suit and tie, Conor could annihilate the young Garbrandt is absolutely front and centre.

He doesn’t even raise his hands as he labels Cody a twerp. McGregor is then seen to laugh in their faces as the scuffle dissolves.

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Garbrandt was actually nearly banned from the UFC for succumbing to the verbal barbs that Conor slung. Check out an interview with the former lightweight champ here:

The full incident can be viewed on the player below.

Of course we all know it was a waste of time trying to defend TJ, with all the Team Alpha Mala drama.

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