Tito Ortiz Tries To Punk Chuck Liddell During Face Off – Backfires Horribly

Tito Ortiz Tries To Punk Chuck Liddell During Face Off – Backfires Horribly

Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell are legends of MMA in each of their own rights. The age-defying nature of their 20-year long careers is a testament to each of their commitment and hard work. Ortiz carries a 19-12-1 record into the fight. The Semi-retired star was last seen in action early in 2017. Liddell (21-8-0) hasn’t been in the cage since 2010, losing by knockout to Rich Franklin. That was his third straight knockout loss prompting his official retirement later that year, taking a job with the UFC as a brand ambassador.

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But nearly as long as their careers is their rivalry, having first met way back in 2004 at UFC 47, the pair rematched late in 2006 but have not successfully met in the cage despite several attempts since. Now, 12 years later, the pair are set to finally fulfil their trilogy fight when they appear at The Forum Inglewood, California.

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With Liddell winning both their previous meetings, Ortiz his airing his grievances outside the cage, calling Liddell a ‘snowflake’ – a jibe at his ‘Iceman’ nickname.

But something detracted a little from the build-up when the pair of veterans met in (HERE). As the two came together for the face-off, there was the usual trash talk we have come to expect from these two. Dressed to the 9s in suits and ties, they stared each other down getting so close each could smell the other’s breakfast on their breath. Then, in what should have been a baller move, Ortiz jerked his head violently, a manoeuvre known as punking.

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But 48-year-old Liddell has been around the block a few times and is not going to flinch at a little head movement. In fact, his unflappable level gaze makes Ortiz look like a bit of a goose. After all, who wants a power move like that to backfire, especially when viewed by thousands of people around the world. It seems we will have to wait until the pair of seniors enters the cage to see if Ortiz can make up for his failure.

Check out the attempted punk on the player below.

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