Leaked Footage Proves T.J. Dillashaw Is A “Dirty Trainer”

Leaked Footage Proves T.J. Dillashaw Is A “Dirty Trainer”

If there’s anything we hate in fighting, it’s a cheap shot. There’s something ultra-cowardly about deliberately catching an unwitting opponent off guard and hands down.

We expect that kind of behaviour from inexperienced street brawlers or people who let the moment get the better of them. But we don’t expect it from those who are deemed top of their field. And that is exactly what we get in the video below.

The clip features none other than current UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw. The 32-year-old American has faced speculation of dealing out cheap shots in the past, but this time we have the raw footage to prove it.

The clip comes from a recent training camp in Denver where new training partner Takeru Segawa was put through his paces against the champ.

Credit: MMA Fighting

This comes after serious allegations that Dillashaw was responsible for ending the career of former training and sparring partner, Chris Holdsworth back in 2014. Holdsworth was on the receiving end of several illegal knees during sparring sessions that left him concussed.

It is said that a knee to the back of the head left him so badly brain-rattled that he could no longer fight. These days he fills the role of coach at Team Alpha Male, with whom Dillashaw trains. Holdsworth was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter and was professionally undefeated during his 6-bout stint at the top level.

Credit: YouTube

During the clip below we see three instances of foul play. The first being knees and kicks that are totally uncalled for. Then two instances of swings after the bell has clearly rung. The first instance isn’t too bad – he is already winding up for the punch when the bell rings. However, the second one is fairly disgusting. Segawa has put the cue in the rack for the round, his hands are down. Dillashaw seems to wait until his partner has relaxed before landing a blow to his face.

Credit: YouTube

The clip also hows Degawa receiving medical attention as a result of one of the uncalled-for strikes.

Check out the footage on the player below. What do you think? Is he out of line?

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