Two lads do their best Conor impression in the street and are spotted by McGregor himself

Two lads do their best Conor impression in the street and are spotted by McGregor himself

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a few too many drinks and start trying to emulate the moves you’ve seen in the UFC on your mates.

Luckily for most of us, our drunken antics go unnoticed for the most part, and we can forget the embarrassment in the morning after. But what if when you were doing your drunken fighting moves one of your heroes just happened to pass by?

It turns out, two lads in Dublin had just that happen to them. While having a little playfight outside a club in Crumlin, Ireland, these two guys got an experience they’ll likely never forget.

This video is from a few years ago when Conor McGregor was on the cusp of reaching the pinnacle of popularity within the MMA sphere. While driving around his hometown, he just happens to come across these guys doing their best impressions of the Notorious One.

Incredibly, they don’t even realise who is watching them, to begin with, and continue with their drunken antics. As McGregor’s car slows down beside them they finally realise though, and their response is hilarious.

Probably not sure whether to believe their eyes, the two guys rush to the window of the car while repeating McGregor’s signature. “You’ll do nothing.” Phrase repentantly to the soon-to-be double champ.

McGregor is clearly proud of the two guys and has a brief chat with the pair before having to be driven away.

The Irishman will be counting on the support of his countrymen as he approaches likely his toughest test to date in UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in October.

The rivalry between Conor and Khabib has been brewing for years now and will finally culminate at UFC 229 in Las Vegas, Nevada in an event which UFC President Dana White is calling the biggest UFC fight of all time.

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