Two UFC Veterans Went To Absolute War In Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

Two UFC Veterans Went To Absolute War In Bare Knuckle Boxing Match

Sure, any type of professional fighting is tough work.

You need to be strong, fit, resilient, agile and smart about how you go about your business.

But if you’re going to split hairs, the fighters that go the whole hog and take part in bare-knuckle bouts are probably a damn sight tougher than any of their gloved counterparts!

The thought of a flying fist, thrown by a professional is scary enough when shrouded in padding but think of the carnage that hard knuckles can do if they connect. Well BKFC 5 threw up an absolute doozy of a fight between two former UFC fighters.

Credit: East Side Boxing

Featherweights Artem Lobov and Jason Knight left the cage behind as they set their sights on glory in the revered Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. The 5th instalment took place in front of a packed house at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Lobov last fought in the UFC in 2018, falling victim to a decision loss at the hand of Michael Johnson. The defeat marked the Russian’s 3rd straight loss and showing a less-than-impressive 13-15-1 record was discharged from the UFC in early 2019. From there, Lobov announced relatively quickly that he was crossing over to bare-knuckle fora 3-fight contract. MMA fans need not to worry too much as his contract stipulates that he is still able to take on MMA fights.

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Knight also had a horror run to end his career in the UFC. He was discharged after a disappointing 4-fight losing streak, most recently going down to Jordan Rinaldi at UFC 230.

The two fighters both seem to have found their home in bare-knuckle with them both bringing their unique flashy style to the fore. The crowd was not short-changed by the 5-round bout with both fighters going down multiple times either by slip or by knock. Lobov would be named the winner (48-47, 48-47, 48-46) after the gruelling affair, by unanimous decision, much to the horror of his regional home crowd.

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The bloody affair gained huge attention on social media as the two fighters set about posting photos updating the public about their injuries. Lobov posted:

Knight similarly went with:

Check out highlights of the fight on the player below.