Mike Tyson On Brad Pitt – “I walked in and he was banging my Wife”

Mike Tyson On Brad Pitt – “I walked in and he was banging my Wife”

Mike Tyson is well known for his short fuse.

The boxing legend terrorised interviewers with his temperamental mood swings nearly as much as he terrorised his opponents in the ring with actual swings.

Imagine for a second, if, during the height of his career, you had really really pissed him off. Just how fearful you would be for your life.

Well, a hilarious anecdote has emerged from when one of the most famous actors in the world got to feel this exact feeling first hand.

It happened way back in the 1980s when Tyson and his then-wife, the stunning Robin Givens, were filing for divorce.

The proceedings were well-documented with Givens accusing Tyson of domestic violence and Tyson retorting that Givens was only after his money.

Their divorce was finalised in February 1989.

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In the interview below, Tyson is asked to retell the famous story whereby he caught Givens with Brad Pitt.

Pitt and Givens were later snapped on numerous dates and reportedly a legitimate couple for some time.

Tyson explained how before going to his lawyer’s office during the drawn-out divorce, he would often stop by her house for a ‘quickie’ beforehand.

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On this particular day when he arrived Pitt had obviously ‘beating him to the punch’!

With the Meet Joe Black star reportedly completely out of sorts and totally fear-struck.

Poor Brad!

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When asked how he felt when he saw Brad with his soon-to-be-ex wife Tyson said he was mad as hell!

Pitt would have had to call on all his future Fight Club training to fend off the legend.

But somehow it didn’t go that way.

Tyson says he doesn’t hate Pitt despite the incident and that it’s part of life.

A very mature approach.

Check out the interview below.

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