Tai Tuivasa Defeats Andrei Arlovski, Then Slams Down Several ‘Shooey’ Beers

Tai Tuivasa Defeats Andrei Arlovski, Then Slams Down Several ‘Shooey’ Beers

One of the most anticipated undercards at UFC 225 in Chicago was that between former Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski and up and comer, Australian Tai Tuivasa.

The 25-year-old carried a large weight advantage over the Belarusian, despite being an inch shorter.

He made a name for himself fighting through the Australian Fighting Championship and given a chance on the world stage at UFC Fight Night in November last year before hitting UFC 221 in Sydney in a Performance of the Night-winning win over Rashad Coulter.

The youngster went into the stoush with Arlovski undefeated.

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At the other end of his career, 39-year-old Arlovski has been there and done that, having amassed 52 professional bouts over his epic career before this fight. Coming off a string of losses, Arlovski’s career looked to be closing out before he rallied against Stefan Struve at UFC 222 in Las Vegas in March.

It had been much publicised in the lead up that Tuivasa believed he was on song for a big win.
“I think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’m on weight, I was on weight a week out, I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been. I just feel good.

And it’s a big fight for me, so it’s good.” he told the Geelong Advertiser.

But a long and dedicated training camp to prepare him for the bout left him ancy and eager to “throw hands” with the veteran striker.

Tai won the fight against Andrei after going the full distance in a three round fight. Tai looked calm and picked out some solid shots, even dropping Andrei in the first round. Andrei managed to bust up Tai’s face in the first also with a stiff left jab.

Andrei fought back in the second but did not make any huge ground on Tai, with the third round being another even round but slightly in Tai’s favour.

After winning the fight Rogan interviewed Tai as per normal and Tai dropped some of his vintage Western Sydney slang, even asking Rogan for his shoe so he could drink a beer out of it, of which the veteran commentator politely declined.


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