UFC Fighters React to Daniel Cormier KO and Brock Lesnar Incident

UFC Fighters React to Daniel Cormier KO and Brock Lesnar Incident

Daniel Cormier posted an epic opening round victory over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 that absolutely brought the house down.

The unexpected victory brought an end to Miocic’s long reign as the UFC’s Heavyweight champion. He had defended is crown four times before and was widely anticipated to go a fifth with ease.

But this wasn’t the case as Cormier delivered a brutal uppercut followed by four uncontested punches before the fight was waved off.

The fight lasted a mere 4:33 and the victory made Cormier just the second fighter to hold titles in two separate weight divisions simultaneously.

Twitter was alight with praise and ridicule for the star despite his emphatic win. Here is what the pros had to say:

But if you thought the fight was entertaining, the post-fight tomfoolery really stole the show!

Cormier took the microphone, using it to call out legendary WWE and UFC star Brock Lesnar. Lesnar entered the cage and promptly pushed the champ.

The whole thing was an absolute circus resembling a scene more closely seen in the WWE than the world’s premier fighting competition.

“Yeah, you’re strong. But everybody’s strong. Push me now, you go to sleep later.” said Cormier after being shoved. But Lesnar retorted with more fighting words:

“Let me tell you something, I walked into this building and watched the heavyweight disasters from the beginning. (Francis) Ngannou is a piece of s**t. Miocic is a piece of s**t. ‘D.C.’, I’m coming for you motherf**ker!”

Here’s what’s went down and how everyone reacted.