UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Was Once The Victim of a Brain Rattling Knockout

UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Was Once The Victim of a Brain Rattling Knockout

The UFC has announced that Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley will return to the cage for the first time since July 2017 against surging contender Darren Till at UFC 228.

Woodley has shown to be well-versed in all areas of the game but he is going to have to be wary of Till’s serious knockout power.

While Woodley has managed to take some serious punishment throughout his career, Till will try to use his superior striking skills to bait the American into trading punches.

Woodley has made this mistake before.

Just ten fights into his MMA career, Woodley was matched up with veteran Nate Marquart, for the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship.

In a contest set for five rounds, the two would both have their share of successes in what would prove to be a drag out war.

Marquart saw success in the first round, even managing to drop Woodley, who remained resilient and prevented his opponent from getting the finish.

The second round was much like the first, with Marquart using his vast experience advantage to negate Woodley’s wrestling while landing several big shots.

Woodley saw far more success in the third round and it appeared the tide of the fight might be changing going into the championship rounds.

However, Woodley would not end up seeing the fifth round as Marquardt would use his veteran savvy to finish the young Woodley.

The finish itself was as beautiful as it was violent. Marquardt managed to pressure the now tired Woodley against the cage and from there unleashed one of the most vicious combinations in Strikeforce history.

Marquardt opened up enough space to land a crushing left hook and a pair of overhand elbows. Then, with Woodley clearly rocked, Nate landed a thunderous left hook and right uppercut that put Woodley out cold.

Woodley hasn’t been stopped since this fight, but you can bet the American will need to be conscious of Darren Till’s power on September 9th to avoid being rendered unconscious.

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