UFC Fight Pass Fighter Catches Girlfriend Cheating, Films Everything

UFC Fight Pass Fighter Catches Girlfriend Cheating, Films Everything

If you’re an aspiring MMA fighter looking to get some recognition on social media, there’s a number of ways you can make your skills go viral.

Maybe you have an incredible KO that is shared all across Facebook.

Maybe you score a submission that makes people who don’t even watch the sport take notice.

Or maybe you film the aftermath of your girlfriend cheating on you…

Unfortunately for T.J. Laramie for him, it was the latter.

The 20-year-old career appeared to be on a serious upward trajectory earlier this year.

After amassing a respectable 7-2 record Laramie earned the biggest opportunity of his burgeoning fight career, being featured in a featherweight fight for Canadian promotion TKO against 145lb champion Alex Morgan.

To make things even sweeter for Laramie, the bout was set to be broadcast worldwide on UFC Fight Pass.

Again lady luck did not shine in Laramie’s favour in the biggest opportunity of his career as he fell victim to a first-round knockout that many considered to be a premature stoppage.

So, if Laramie lost his last fight, why is he all over social media right now?

It turns out the young fighter has gone viral for the actions of his promiscuous girlfriend.

The video starts with us seeing the aftermath of Laramie walking in on his girlfriend doing the dirty deed with some other guy.

Luckily for the guy who was sleeping with Laramie’s girlfriend, the MMA fighter did not react in the same manner as former UFC star War Machine who was arrested after violently attacking his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack after allegedly finding her in bed with another man.

Instead, Laramie remains remarkably calm throughout the entire ordeal, while he’s hopefully now ex-girlfriend seems completely unremorseful about her actions.

When asked why there weren’t any repercussions for the guy, Laramie showed serious maturity for his age.