UFC fighter Kevin Lee challenged a fan to blast him with kicks to prepare for Barboza

UFC fighter Kevin Lee challenged a fan to blast him with kicks to prepare for Barboza

Kevin Lee’s TKO victory over Edson Barboza at UFC Fight Night 128 was the perfect way to bounce back from defeat in his last match. If you saw it, you’ll know that one of the highlights came when Barboza shook Lee with a powerful spinning kick in the third. Despite that, Lee came back strong to take the bragging rights in the fourth and fifth. The secret behind his ability to take Barboza’s kicks is now out…


Look how happy he is. Credit: UFC

During one of the contest’s pre-match open workouts, a jovial Lee invited one of his fans to come up onto the stage and deliver a few kicks. With Barboza’s powerful kicks a notorious part of his repertoire, Lee was keen to showcase his ability to be kicked by random people and smile.

The grinning young fan comes up onto the stage ready to rumble. He’s rocking the pads and he’s clearly having a good time. Lee is in a genial mood, bantering with the kid and praising his style.

“There you go. You got it. I’m confident,” Lee says after watching one of the kid’s practice kicks.

Lining up the shot. Credit: UFC

From there, the kid, grinning like a Cheshire cat, lives any young fan’s dream. Kicking one of his favourite MMA fighters.

For his first kick, the kid takes it easy. It’s almost as if he’s not sure if Lee really wants him to be kicked. It’s almost like that first fight scene in Fight Club. “I want you to really hit me.”

“I think you can give me a little more than that,” Lee tells his young fan.

Bang! Credit: UFC

The kid obliges. For his next few kicks, he really gives it some oomph. “There it is, come on,” Lee says after the second. He keeps smiling and bantering throughout the next few and gives the young fan a high five and a bro-hug.

Awww. Credit: UFC

It’s a really great moment for the youngster – and who knows – it may have just played a part in Lee’s victory over Barboza. Well, at least the kid might like to think so!

Barboza’s spinning kick on Lee:

The secret weapon:

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