Behind The Scenes Footage Captures Huge Compliments on Conor’s Ground Game

Behind The Scenes Footage Captures Huge Compliments on Conor’s Ground Game

A simplistic way of analysing the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov is that McGregor’s only route to victory is contingent on the fight staying on the feet and Khabib’s is getting the fight to the mat.

While it is certainly true that McGregor and Nurmagomedov are masters of their respective disciplines, both have shown that they are more than competent in all aspects of MMA.

In Khabib’s last fight he demonstrated how far his striking skills have progressed by completely negating Al Iaquinta’s offence with a stiff jab.

Credit: UFC

The everpresent threat of a takedown allows Khabib to have more openings for his offensive striking, though as seen in his fight with Michael Johnson, the Russian is susceptible to being hit, especially when at a speed disadvantage.

Therefore, conventional wisdom would dictate that Khabib’s path to victory is using his wrestling to dictate where the fight takes place, and remove McGregor’s deadly left hand from the fight.

Credit: UFC

What is being overlooked, however, is McGregor’s grappling skills.

While the Irishman has seldom chosen to showcase them during his UFC tenure, jiu-jitsu experts such as Eddie Bravo have raved about his skills on the mat.

McGregor has shown that while he obviously prefers to use his striking skills to earn victories on the feet, he is more than capable of adapting his game plan when necessary.

In just his second UFC fight Conor faced off with now-featherweight king Max Holloway. After suffering an ACL tear in the first round of the fight, McGregor fell back on his grappling, securing a total of 4 takedowns.

These skills could also be seen during McGregor’s fight with Chad Mendes.

Despite being taken down in the fight, the Notorious remained active throughout, even managing to land some devastating elbows from the bottom position.

Then, when Mendes overcommitted trying to finish the fight with a guillotine choke, McGregor escaped, bringing the fight back to the feet before winning via KO.

The fight on October 6th truly appears to close to call, but we do know both men are capable fighters in all facets of MMA.


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