UFC’s Junior Dos Santos Has Been Accused of This Nightclub Rampage

UFC’s Junior Dos Santos Has Been Accused of This Nightclub Rampage

Ever since his debut in 2008 when he unexpectedly destroyed Fabricio Werdum, Junior ‘Cigano’ Dos Santos has been one of the most terrifying men in the UFC heavyweight division.

The Brazilian boxer displayed some of the most explosive striking skills we’ve ever seen in the Octogan en-route to defeating Cain Velasques for the UFC Heavyweight championship

Despite losing the belt has remained a contender ever since.

When someone has the power and ability to consistently knock out UFC-level heavyweights it can be frightening to think what they could do to mere mortals should someone ever make the mistake of making them angry.

Unfortunately for Dos Santos it now seems as if people do think he has gone on a rampage against civilians.

A video from August 19th that has quickly gone viral shows someone, who bears some similarities to the Brazilian, absolutely destroying a group of guys in a nightclub and now people are pointing the finger at ‘Cigano’.

The video shows a dude seemingly dropping guys for fun as he knocks at least 3 fellow revellers out cold in the space of a minute.

Fellow nightclub-goers try to contain the guy but he isn’t having anything and swings wildly at anyone even looking at him funny.

It’s fair to say that if this was Dos Santos, it would be hugely out of character for him. If anything, despite his incredible power ‘Cigano’ is known as one of the nicest and most easygoing fighters on the UFC roster.

Because of this, Dos Santos’ team are working to get one of the videos removed that claims that the UFC is the perpetrator of the rampage.

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Junior’s lawyer told TMZ that the man in the video is not the UFC heavyweight, adding that Dos Santos was on holiday in Turks and Caicos with family and didn’t even step foot in a nightclub while there.

Well if it isn’t a UFC star maybe Dana White should look into bringing the guy in because he clearly has some crisp hands…

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