Undercover Police Catch 51-Year-Old Who Punched 11-Year Old Girl In Face

Undercover Police Catch 51-Year-Old Who Punched 11-Year Old Girl In Face

Part of being an adult is acting like one. When we turn 18, the government adorns us with a status that implies that we have the experience and maturity to be given more respect, trust, and autonomy.

But despite the majority acting like good citizens, there are always a few that make us question whether we can trust anyone in this crazy world.

Check out the clip below here a 51-year-old, yes, you read that right, punched an 11-year-old girl in the face!

We are lucky the cameras were rolling so this scumbag could be dealt the punishment he deserves.

Credit: Heavy

But also the footage gives us an insight into just how far someone deemed to be of sound mind is willing to take things to prove a point.

We don’t know what has gone on before the footage opens, but the shocking back and forth involves a group of people including children.

Credit: Coed

It is difficult to hear what is being said, but the clip has obviously been shot as a result of an escalating argument. A white male, who has since been identified as 51-year-old David Ball is seen in an altercation with several people outside the Asheville Mall in North Carolina.

As tensions escalate we see him shove a girl in the chest sending her flying backward.

The camerawoman screams “Oh my God!” in disgust and the crowd riles up to break things apart. But as the girl comes back in, we see the man, who is more than twice her size wind up and clock her right in the face.

Credit: Buzzjew

The disgusting act prompted a call to police which saw an off-duty officer summoned to the scene.

Bell was arrested on the spot before being taken away and charged with one count of assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

He now awaits his day in court and likely sentence.

You can see the disturbing footage below.