Khabib – “Conor Crossed The Line When He Spoke About My Father”

Khabib – “Conor Crossed The Line When He Spoke About My Father”

After all the nonsense that went down during the aftermath of UFC 229’s main event.

Everyone was keen to hear the thoughts of the two main men. Khabib graced a packed media gallery with his presence after some time waiting as he, no doubt, rehearsed a structured and well-measured response.

Khabib opened his interview by saying:

“I want to say sorry to the (Nevada State) Athletic Commission, Nevada, Vegas.

I Know this is not my best side.”

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He did raise a pretty valid point, however.

“I don’t know how people can talk about me jumping the cage… he talked about my religion, he talked about my country, he talked about my father, he came to Brooklyn and broke the bus and nearly killed a couple of people. What about this? What about this sh*t?”

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It is true that McGregor said some pretty crude stuff in the lead up to the fight included insinuating terrorist links amongst Khabib’s squad and that Khabib does not respect President Putin.

Nurmagomedov attempted to validate his character in spite of the post-fight incident that saw two of his team arrested and imprisoned.

“My father taught me to always be respectful. My whole team where I’ve trained in California for seven years, everybody knows who I am. All my friends, everybody who knows me, knows who I am.”

He followed up by saying that he believe the media had changed MMA.

By glorifying the trash talk, the sport had descended into a war of words to aid publicity, rather than respect for fellow fighters and their abilities.

Khabib voiced that he doesn’t want MMA to be about “talking sh*t” about people’s families, religions or home nations.

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In closing, Nurmagomedov apologised to everyone once again for his actions saying that his father would smash him for his poor behaviour.

He also remarked before leaving the conference that President Putin had contacted him with pride to congratulate him on the win.

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