Muay Thai Fighter Gets His Skull Caved In By A Savage Elbow Strike

Muay Thai Fighter Gets His Skull Caved In By A Savage Elbow Strike

Elbow strikes would have to be one of the most brutal forms of striking that we as humans have in our skillset.

Think about it, we have a point on our body that is largely devoid of nerve endings, hard as a rock from generations of evolution that is mobile enough to pivot into nearly any angle.

MMA practitioners utilize the elbow to great effect in combat but there are strict rules that govern its usage. The 12-6 elbow, for example, is banned in many forms, given the force that can be applied.

The clip below comes from a Muay Thai fight in Thailand a few years ago and shows the elbow in full flight.

The footage demonstrates its power and the devastating after-effects that a nicely timed and placed elbow can have on opponents.

The packed house at Patong stadium saw local fighter Jonny Betts receive a blow for the ages, but the funny thing is, the elbow didn’t even rattle him a little bit!

Credit: Smack His Face

The flush strike landed right in the middle of Betts’ skull, but again, the front of the head, especially under adrenalin if designed to be able to cop a lot of force. After all, it is housing the brain. So when his opponent connected, Johnny barely felt a thing, wanting to fight on.

The referee barely noticed at first either, but as the pair continued to fight, the fracture from the strike became more and more pronounced as his skull began to depress quite noticeably. The ref called things off, with a confused Johnny wondering why. He was sent to his corner where his team, shocked that he was still alive, agreed that it was certainly time to go to the hospital.

Credit: Smack His Face

His team said:

“It happened in a professional Muay Thai fight at a local stadium. His Thai opponent landed a big elbow strike that caused the injury. He was fine though. He wasn’t wobbled and kept fighting, but the referee stopped the fight to get a doctor to look at the injury and the doctor obviously stopped it right away.”

Jonny Betts underwent surgery to have a titanium plate fixed into his skull, and you wouldn’t know that the incident had even occurred. He said he feels fine and even posted photos the day of his release from hospital.

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Check out the savagery on the player below.