Neighborhood Street Boxer Walks Into A Pro Fight Gym, Challenges Everyone

Neighborhood Street Boxer Walks Into A Pro Fight Gym, Challenges Everyone

The differences between street fighters and professionals is absolutely huge.

When Kimbo Slice made the transition from street brawling to organized fighting, most people were shocked because the star had only been beaten once before and had a badass reputation at the best street brawler the world had seen.

When it came time to fight professionally, whilst he didn’t do too badly, the training, positioning and power that the pros had was hardly a match for the disorganized brawling that he could bring to the table.

This has had absolutely no bearing on other people’s thoughts that they can match it with the best of the best in the cage or the boxing ring.

Credit: Fighting Nations

Just because one has had a few wins in the street, these fights are not regulated and you have no real way of knowing how you would go against someone who knows what they’re doing.

So when this guy walked into a boxing gym, off the street and demanded to fight the best they had, it was no surprise what happened next.

The guy wearing blue shorts thought he was all that and a bag of chips and confidently approaches the pro wearing the red pants.

You can see just by comparing the way the two movements that the guy in the blue shorts has absolutely no idea, but thinks he does.

Credit: Fighting Nations

He holds what he thinks is a good position, but really fails when it comes to speed. He is slow off the mark and slow to return to a defensive stance.

The pro has no issue at all picking off the man’s shoddy technique and toys with him for about a minute.

Then he has had enough, as the guy in the blue shorts drops his hands, the pro takes advantage by popping him in the face. He seems to fall in slow motion and falls backward, out cold.

The pro gives him one on the way down, to boot.

Credit: Fighting Nations

Check out the humbling performance on the player below.