Wrestler KO’s Himself, Breaks His Skull Trying To Flip Through A Table

Wrestler KO’s Himself, Breaks His Skull Trying To Flip Through A Table

As a wrestling fan, you would be forgiven for not having heard of Shawn Phoenix. Fighting through the lower-level competitions in the United States, Phoenix’s unique brand of entertainment stems from his background as a BMX, Motorcross and inline skater. Nicknamed “Fire Bird” on account of his flaming red hair and his party trick as a fire-breather, Phoenix’s antics get the crowd revved up and really into the fights.

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When it comes to professional wrestling, whilst the strikes and techniques may be outrageously fake, the actual maneuvers are real and require great physical strength, skill and balance. There are not many mere mortals that are able to execute flips whilst landing perilously close to their opponent and simulating a strike. The teamwork required between fighters is nearly akin to a top ballroom dancing pair.

So when Shawn “The Punk Rock Pyromaniac” Phoenix attempted an epic front flip onto a stunt table, part of the choreographed fight, he was already engaging in a highly dangerous activity. His background as an aerialist is paramount to his ability in and outside the ring. However, when he attempted the huge trick, it seems the table did not fold properly.

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The wrestler’s legs stayed put whilst his torso kept rotating. His head smashed into the ground knocking him out immediately. The crowd was immediately hushed, as the referee immediately called a halt to the fight. Speaking via Twitter Phoenix said with his typical bravado.

“Broke my skull, was bleeding from my brain…but I was released from the hospital in six days. I’m unbreakable.”

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We hope Shawn makes a speedy recovery and gets back in the ring soon. Amatuer fighters make this sport and Phoenix is a star for being willing to put his body on the line like this.

Check out the unfortunate flip on the player below